Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It is a strange and complex situation that brings us in contact with a mother like yourself. To say this must be a tough time for you would be an understatement, and we wouldn’t presume to understand what it’s like being in your shoes. Even though we all have to deal with the curve balls life throws our way, our biggest one just happens to be the exact opposite situation you now face. In a twist of fate we face circumstances now beyond our control and we have become the solution to each others’ difficult struggle. You with a child, and us without the ability to have our own.

Family means everything to us. We know no one has the perfect family, and people would argue at times that what family they have is more than enough. We truly believe our family are the people we lean on the most, trust the most, and hopefully love (and are loved by) the most through this up and down experience of life.

We have been married for more than 10 years and have grown to appreciate and love each other more than we did when we started but have also had our up and downs like everyone else. We really enjoy our time together, and when we are away it makes us appreciate it even more. Even if that is just for a trip to the mall or a night watching football. We are very religious, and do our best to live the kind of lives our Heavenly Father would approve of.

Jon is the third child from a large family of 8 children, and Bridget is the oldest of 4. Her father was adopted along with his 4 siblings. Both of our families are very close knit because our parents made family time a priority. They did every thing they could to help us develop into responsible adults. Through their efforts, many times their sacrifices, we were given the best chances at success they could give us. These are the type of parents we hope to be. The children in our home will be given every chance to learn, grow, and develop their highest level of potential. To us this doesn’t mean they all have to become doctors or lawyers, just that no matter what path they take we will do our best to encourage and support them. Each child has different interests and talents, goals and aspirations.

Jon wouldn’t mind a basketball player, as we are both relatively tall and enjoy basketball, but then again what parent doesn’t want to pass on some of what or who they are, interests and otherwise, onto their children. We also like the outdoors and when the sun comes out we try to get out and enjoy it whether just working in the yard or going up to the mountain. We like animals, and have a pair of miniature wiener dogs that we and our son JT love to play with. JT was our first miracle, a child we waited 7 and a half years to join us. He loves basketball, working with his hands and tools, and figuring things out. He really is the son that Jon’s mother warned us we would have to keep us on our toes! We were fortunate to have been able to meet and get to know his birth mother before he was born and now enjoy watching some of her personality develop in him.

Although JT is everything we ever hoped a child would be, (with some extra thrown in) we feel there is another member of our family waiting to join us in the same way, which brings us to this point. Meet Jon, Bridget and JT, our family.