This is us

Being together for almost 11 years we have grown on each other. Perfect couple?
It will probably take at least another year or two or 30 to get there, but we wouldn’t
change the journey for anything. Like a couple of rocks tumbling around together,
knocking of the sharp corners and smoothing the rough parts, we have definitely been
good for each other through life’s challenges. Where Jon might be inclined to just hang
out and keep to himself, Bridget helps get him out of his shell a little. And when Bridget in her seemingly endless drive to accomplish everything by yesterday, bites off more than she can chew, Jon helps keeps things grounded. That is what makes our
team great, we compliment each other. Helping and encouraging the other to be better but still being in love enough to look past imperfections and be able to enjoy life together.

Then add JT. He’s the energizer bunny of the family that can outlast anyone. He has one of the sweetest and charming personalities, but an independence and feistiness
that reminds you that you can’t take anything for granted. He is the icing on our cake….
we couldn’t imagine life without him, and the years we waited for him to get here
makes him an all the more special part of our lives.